On-Site Physical Therapy

On-Site Physical Therapy

by paincare

Care. One on One.

At PainCARE your physical therapy will be completed by our physical therapist, Erich Helfer. Erich has over 18 years of experience (16 years at PainCARE) treating musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain using evidence based physical therapy techniques.

The first visits starts with a thorough whole body evaluation and examination. The focus is squarely on getting to the root of the problem, not soley treating the symptoms. This approach maximizes pain free movement potential, freeing joint and tissue restrictions and eliminating harmful and limiting compensatory movement patterns. Erich developed a personalized treatment plan for every patient. You will undergo a Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). This is an extensively researched whole body movement exam that identifies the true cause of the dysfunction, allowing for the most efficient and effective individualized treatment plan.

  • Body Mechanics Training
  • Core stabilization Exercises
  • Ergonomics Training
  • Functional Movement Pattern Training
  • Muscle Re-Education
  • Myofascial Release
  • PNF Techniques
  • Peripheral Joint Mobilizations
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Sole Supports Custom Fit Orthotics
  • Spinal Mobilizations
  • Spinal Stabilization Exercises
  • Therapeutic Ball Exercise
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Total Motion Release
  • Treadmill & Elliptical
  • Trigger Point Release Techniques

Patient Education

Patients can expect extensive patient education regarding the condition being treated; giving them knowledge and power over it. Treatment is introduced during the initial visit and progressed safely with each subsequent visit for return to function. Education on body mechanics, posture and ergonomics is integrated into all therapy. Erich will also develop a comprehensive home exercise program for all patients.